Marcrist BF850 SilentMAX Precision Cut Diamond Blade 230mm Diameter x 22.2mm Bore

16X quiter than a standard diamond blade. Declared by noise experts as 'state of the art'. Extremely Fast, long life, precise, safe and transparent cutting.
Product Brand:   Marcrist
Product Code:   1202.0230
£75.77 £103.32
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Marcrist have introduced a patented, State-of-the-Art noise-reduced diamond blade into the market that reduces the noise level by 16X versus standard, non-noise-reduced blades.

Noise-Reduced means this blade is also vibration reduced.

Marcrist has been the market-leading manufacturer of professional and contractor diamond product for 33 years.

The BF850 SilentMAX blade means no compromise in performance, or price. That means they are proud to grant the same Marcrist product pledges to this blade:

"The best, most precise, longest-lasting and fastest-cutting diamond blade with the lowest cost per cut that you have ever used … or your money back".

We believe that this represents a new revolution in the diamond blade market and this should be of extreme interest for Health & Safety on the building-site.