Evac+Chair 1-200 Carry Lite Transit Chair

The Evac+Chair range of transit chairs are there to use at a moment's notice to aid in the event of a first aid emergency or evacuation. In particular for the safe evacuation in the event of an emergency if you have anybody with mobility impairments, you need to be able to evacuate the building safely.

We offer a full range of Evac+Chair evacuation chairs to negotiate stairs to assist in an emergency. We are offering on our website the entry models, but please contact us if you would like information/pricing for the other models shown in the videos.

We are also able to offer training in order to operate a Evac+Chair competently.

Product Brand:   Evac+Chair
Product Code:   CM1128
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Designed for easy storage, the Evac+Chair 1-200 Carry Lite Transit Chair folds neatly in half and can be stored in the smallest of areas.

The chair unfolds in one swift movement for immediate use.

• Lightweight aluminium construction
• Quick & easy to use
• Lifting handles for effective grip
• Large wheels for stability over rough terrain
• Unique locking system
• Made in the UK

Includes: Patient Restraints

• Height 770mm (folded)
• Width 435mm (folded)
• Depth 270mm (folded)
• Weight 6.0kg (un-laden)

Payload Capacity 200kg